Volunteer Translated Games

I translate indie games into Japanese on a volunteer basis. Some of the translations have been officially adopted.

I hope you will be able to enjoy these wonderful games in beautiful Japanese. To Developers, thanks for making wonderful games!



Kentucky Route Zero

Translation mod released on 2022/6/24.
Officially adopted on 2023/8/17.

Literary text adventure of about 10 hours.
Due to the poor quality of the previous Japanese translation, everything was re-translated and officially adopted. For more information, please read the following article.

The Making of Kentucky Route Zero Unofficial Japanese Translation modified mod

Steam: Kentucky Route Zero, Translation mod


(Game Media Coverage)

『Kentucky Route Zero』“日本語訳クオリティ改善”含む新大型アプデ配信開始。 - AUTOMATON

ADV『Kentucky Route Zero』ashi_yuri氏インタビュー【有志日本語化の現場から】 | Game*Spark



Japanese patch released on 2022/7/16.

Permission granted by the developer.
A short horror visual novel game of about 1 hour.

Steam: Momotype, Japanese patch


Critters for Sale

Japanese patch released on 2022/11/23.

Permission granted by the developer.

Bizarre adventure game of about 5 hours.

Steam: Critters for Sale, Japanese patch


The Elysian Field

Translation mod was released on 2022/12/26.

Permission is confirming.
A short walking simulator of about 10 minutes.

Steam: The Elysian Field, Translation mod


FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

Translation mod was released on 2023/5/5.

This was created in accordance with the developer's translation policy.

Horror action adventure of about 5 hours.

Steam: FAITH: The Unholy Trinity, Translation mod


(Game Media Coverage)

「誰にとっても作品が楽しめる環境を作りたい」ホラーACT『FAITH: The Unholy Trinity』ashi_yuri氏インタビュー【有志日本語化の現場から】 | Game*Spark


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